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How to play worship guitar
Gitarrenschule Worship-Guitar
Since 1999 I am teaching how to play the guitar to beginners in small groups. Beside learning to play the guitar it is an essential part of the course to learn at leased a minimum about praise and worship, to be able to lead the worship in prayer time, a small group or in church service.

I started these 'Worship Guitar' courses, because I realized, that there is a need of more musicians. And if I say 'musicians', then I am not spreaking about professional musicians in a worship band, but about people, which are able to play guitar up to certain level and lead the worship in a small group.

Since there was no book available, I started to look for suitable worship songs and material about worship and started my first course. Meanwhile the material of all courses - for beginners as well as for advandced guitar players - has been published by ASAPH-Verlag, Germany (72 pages). Also a play anlong CD with 58 examples and songs is part of the book.

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